e y e l i n e r.
I just bought one. 🙂  It is a cosmetic used to define the eyes. (to those who don’t know) I like how it creates an illusion
of thicker eyelashes and bigger eyes.
Depending on what look you want to achieve, you may want to use different eyeliners to get that desired result.
I just like mine black and subtle. (as if wearing eyeliner is subtle hehe) i mean, i dont like anything racoony (see above picture) or emo looking.
I put mine only on my upper eyelid because of a tip that was once told to me which im going to share with you..
Lower Lid – to create the illusion of smaller eyes.
Upper Lid – to create the illusion of bigger eyes.

Why don’t you do the same? 🙂
If you haven’t tried putting eyeliner, PRACTICE. Before you sleep everynight!
It is NOT advisable though to borrow eye makeup because you may get an eye infection.
So buy yourself a good one and practice!

Ta Ta!



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