♥ …*Ü*… ♥

find a guy who’ll hold ur hand just before the traffic light turns green..
who’ll accompany u anywhere just 2 b with u..
who’ll smell ur hair every chance he gets..
who’ll wipe off ur sweat with his hanky..
who makes u feel beautiful when ur with him..
who’ll tell u you are beautiful even on a bad hair day.. (which is pretty much, everyday! :P)
who makes u feel secured even if there’s a lot of pretty girls around him..
who always compliments u..
who wouldnt want to let u go even if its time for u to go..
who’ll look at u like ur the only girl he sees..
who’ll spoil you..
who’ll kiss you and dance with u in the rain..
who’ll open the door for u..
who still talks to you even if he’s so sleepy and ur so scared..
who’s patient when u take forever to get ready..
who’ll apologize if he did something wrong or even if he didnt..
who wants to show you off to the world when ur in sweats,
and when ur not with him, he’s all that u can think about..
who’ll call u to talk to u about nothing at all..
who’ll look at u and make u get butterflies in ur stomach..
find a guy who occupies your every dream and if u find him, never let him go.. *Ü*



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