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i’m not going to be his first, his last or his only..

he loved before and he’ll love again..

but he loves me now.. what else matters?!

he’s not perfect and im not either..

if he can make me laugh and he admits to being human and makes mistakes..

i’ll hold on to him and give him the most i can..

he’s not going to be thinking of me every moment of the day,

but he’ll give me a part of him that he knows i can break..-his heart ♥-

so i won’t hurt him, i won’t change him, i won’t analyze and i won’t expect more than he can give..

i’ll smile when he makes me happy.. :)

let him know when he makes me mad and miss him when he’s not around

coz perfect guys dont exist.. but there’s always one man that’s perfect for me…:)



Happy Sunday! :)

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Sky’s clear. 🙂
A weekend that is soo ours!!
So much for staying in..
This sunday is for hanging out, pampering, late morning, late night, coffee, and rainshowers!!

have a very happy sunday everyone! 🙂


If movie posters told the truth..

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Enjoy guys.

Super laughtrip. 🙂





PS: Read the details..haha


♥ sKuLL CaNdY ♥

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My earphones are broken! :S

I confess that i really did not take good care of it.

The thing is, i never end my day without listening to my iPod. So i’ve got a problem here.

I listen to it while eating breakfast, in the bus, going to work, while walking, while working and before sleeping.

I love the earphones that come with my iPod. Its very comfy and my ears do not hurt at all ever from listening to it for like 16/7.

So i browsed the net thinking i’ll just replace it with  a new one.  But wait, hello?! $ 20?! that’s a lot for an earphone! :S

And its plain and boring! haha.

So i’ve searched Skull Candy, since i’m loving their designs before. I saw this from a friend when we went wakeboarding sometime last year. I thought they were too expensive. But hell, so is the plain boring Apple earphones!

I’m thinking of buying this one since they look soo cute to me. 🙂

Besides, they match my pink iPod Nano! 😉 Price is around $22.

Paul Frank Inkd Pink :)

Paul Frank Inkd Pink 🙂

Inspired by the iconic design creations of Paul Frank Industries, Skullcandy drops a Skull+ collaboration that is sure to delight those with a youthful, fresh approach to just about everything.

Skullcandy + Paul Frank = Happiness

  • Speaker Diameter: 11mm
  • Magnet Type: NdFeB
  • Frequency Range: 20 – 20K Hz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Max Input Power: 100mW
  • Cable Type: TPE
  • Cable Length: 1.3M
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm Gold Plated


The Paul Frank Skullcandy Headphones & Earphones are available from Skullcandy.

The problem is, I wonder if they’re available in the PI?! :S

Westwicks ;)

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Meet the Westwicks.

Whoa. Things must be really serious between our cutest GG costars as they were spotted hanging out with Chuck’s parents last September in New York.

Feast your eyes with pictures of Chuck (Ed) and Vanessa (Jessica) spending time with Mommy and Daddy Westwick.

(Sorry, i want to use their GG characters’ names)

love love ♥♥

Look at Chuck!

Look at Chuck!

They look so cute together! :X

They look so cute together! :X

I'm liking Vanessa's sandals.. Wonder where can i get one?! :)

I'm liking Vanessa's sandals.. Wonder where can i get one?! 🙂

Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr

It was funny Chuck's real life dad doesn't look like Bart Bass at all! Haha..

It was funny Chuck's real life dad doesn't look like Bart Bass at all! Haha..

yabyab. :P

yabyab. 😛