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shoes, shoes,shoes..

Posted in fashion with tags , on December 13, 2009 by xianelle

lovin this idea..:)

im still thinking of how to display my shoes.. just bought new oneSSSS. yeah plural! haha..

i like to show em off but they’re open to dirt and stuff..

or maybe put them in a box like the second picture? hmmm..

whatdouthink? 🙂



toss a coin..

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Posted in :) on December 6, 2009 by xianelle

If you meet a guy who is five feet nine inches of perfect manly splendor with big black eyes and really black thick shiny hair and beautiful lips and nice teeth and warm soft hands and a very nice-smelling chest who laughs at your jokes and has lovely manners and is very patient and makes you melt inside when he kisses you and he is named Macky and is perfect in every single way, keep your distance. He’s mine. :)